Engineering Services

For more than 40 years we have developed and engineered numerous products for various different markets in close cooperation with our customers. Each product and every application is unique. Our systematic knowledge regarding the correct way of balancing out error free production with the right balance between cost and quality allows us to ensure that the right advice is given for each and every application.

  • Product development: development of new products, based on our customers specifications.
  • Production process development: re-engineering of existing products, based on the latest production technology.
  • Product optimisation, as well as process optimisation for existing products, using targeted industrial services, from design and stock management to logistics such as Just in Time delivery and special packaging systems.

Engineering and product development in 3D and 2D environments using CAD/CAM systems, HICAD, and the WICAM system designed by ISD. The CAD/CAM-system is supported by our PDM package HELIOS.


BOZ PROTO series: single piece and small series. BOZ prototyping is specifically designed to match a error free production process in the BOZ manufacturing area also with our certified suppliers. Unlike external engineering services, we look not only at the product specifications, but specifically at the 100% manufacturability and fesibility of the product. Another difference is that BOZ prototyping includes the customer’s wishes in it’s specifications regarding upscaling, variation, lead time and ramp up and ramp down requirements. In other words, BOZ prototyping focuses on 100% error free delivery from the first sketch in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Process improvement

BOZ UPGRADE series include small to medium-sized series. Process improvement is one of the strongest revenue models in the industry. 90% of innovation targets the process rather than the product. At BOZ Group, we are fully aware of how essential improvement processes are to our customers’ strategies. It is not unusual for the BOZ Group to realise a 30% reduction in order lead time and a 50% reduction in secondary operations. Please check out the cases section for specific examples.

Lifecycle management

BOZ engineers work on the basis of lifecycle processes that include the monitoring of product families. Every new generation of machines, methods and organisational management allows for smaller margins and faster lead times with increased measurable accuracy. Adjusting customer preferences to product generations makes efficient management possible – from version management to technical realisation.


BOZ re-engineering adjusts the engineering package to compliment and reach our customer’s preferences. Manufacturability is a pre-requisit, but up-scaling  quality improvement, automation, leadtime reduction, quality management and rejects are often far more important reasons for redesigning the product or production process. BOZ re-engineering is the base to improve efficiency, improve flexibility and increase the profit for our customers.

ZERO DEFECT Engineering

BOZ ZERO DEFECT Engineering is a highly specific form of engineering. It’s goal is to achieve 100% certainty by fully combining product design, production process and life cycle management. This so called Stage-Gate process requires highly consistent quality procedures (PPAP) from the prototype and pilot run phase right through to series production. Customers that are committed to  zero defects always implement and require a highly consistent long-term supplier policy.

Product improvement

BOZ product improvement often improves a design when there are problems with product stability, moisture resistance or tolerances (hot and cold), when the result is unsatisfactory or when the piece price must be reduced by half. The products we re-engineer to significantly higher quality levels.