World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

World Class Manufacturing combines logistic improvements and the optimisation of the production machinery with the systematic pursuit of quality perfection. BOZ Group is one of the top 3 metal working companies in the Netherlands and is among the top 10 in Europe. The organisation has several WCM technologies at its disposal with the help of which it can retain this leading position using LEAN Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and 5S.

Every aspect of quality and systematic quality improvement is of particular importance to our business operation and to our customers. They can rely on us to provide them with the kind of industrial and product service that matches their specific requirements.

We are, of course, ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Why World Class Manufacturing

On average, standard production companies lose more than 50% of their time to error recovery. BOZ World Class Thinking is to choose the cheapest process with the lowest overall operating expenses. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) represents the ideal balance between the highest customer standards and the total cost of ownership. WCM is synonymous with the systematic pursuit of error reduction, quality assurance and manufacturing excellence. This is because, for both customer and supplier, the correction of production errors is by far the most expensive factor. This is measured on the basis of downtime, malfunctions, rejects, direct loss of production capacity, direct recovery costs, but most of all by the indirect costs due to the number of people involved, communication and repair costs as fast scale-up factors in the context of restoring customer confidence.