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As a producer of medical equipment, we export our products to many different countries. For many years, BOZ Group has been a steady and reliable partner when it comes to supplying stainless steel and sheet metal casings. An important reason for cooperating with BOZ Group is the high level of quality which it’s capable of producing and the flexibility it offers when it comes to (re-)engineering and the supply of small series. Due to its policy of constant innovation and investing in production technology, BOZ Group is a partner that engages in joint reflection on our developments. This, for us, is of the utmost importance.
Ger Bouwens, Managing Director, Synergie Nederland B.V.

Vanderlande Industries provides today’s widest range of automated parcel and postal sorting solutions for hubs and depots of all sizes world-wide. In our Supply Chain Center Europe the  BOZ-Group takes a very important place in manufacturing of stainless steel equipment as being a part of our sorting-system. Based on the principles of Quality, Logistics, Technique and Costing BOZ-Group proved to be a reliable partner for Vanderlande Industries. The possibility to exchange manufacturing knowledge between R & D and BOZ-engineering is highly appreciated and useful. Short time delivery, zero defects and flexibility are common issues and already embedded in the plant for some time.
Eef van Galen, Sr. Sourcing Manager, Vanderlande Industries

As a producer of dosing equipment, we export 95% of our products to various countries across the world. BOZ Group manufactures most of our stainless steel and sheet metal parts. Two of the most important reasons for cooperating with BOZ are the high and constant quality level of their products and the possibility to order the production of relatively small series on demand in different colours. A good cooperation with our engineering department allows us to continue to improve the purchase price and quality of our products. BOZ’s continuous investments in the latest production technologies, such as laser welding equipment for the production of our stainless steel parts, constitute an important reason for us to continue to work with BOZ. BOZ has proven its ability to produce good products at a fair price in the Netherlands.
Gerhard Dersjant, Managing Director, Movacolor

Wir sindeinProduzent von Gerätenfür die Lebensmittelindustrie. Unsere Produktewerdenvorallem an Länder der EU geliefert. Die BOZ Group fabriziert und liefertfüruns die wichtigstenBlechteile in nichtrostendem und Kohlenstoff-Stahl. EinentscheidenderGrund um mit der BOZ Group zusammenzuarbeitenistderenkonstantehoheQualität und die Möglichkeit um bereitskleinereSerien auf Abruffabrizierenzulassen. Durch die guteZusammenarbeit der Ingenieursabteilungensind wir in der LagekontinuierlichProduktverbesserungen und weitereOptimierungendurchzuführen. Da die BOZ Group regelmäßig in die neustenProduktionstechnologieninvestiert, haben wir guteGründe um beidiesemLieferantenzubleiben. Die BOZ Group beweisthochwertigeProduktezuinteressanteKonditionenliefernzukönnen.
KajJanßen, Geschäftsführer, JATA