RQ Analysis

Every company, every individual, makes a strategic choice between certainty and risk, cost and quality and price and delivery time. Often these choices have been integrated into policies or return in the form of certain criteria, such as the QLTC methodology (Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs). But how well do you know your own organisation? Are the demands imposed upon you by the market realistic, or are you asking for the impossible?

To provide an answer to these questions, BOZ Group has developed an application. This application helps BOZ Group’s customers to identify and reduce the risks in the supply chain. The customer is led through the application using direct questions. More than 40 years of experience in the supply business have been incorporated into it, including the outcome of hundreds of FMEA-analyses. With the BOZ-APP customers can explore their own risks. The outcome is presented in the so-called BOZ RQ Index, RQ referring to Risk Quotient. Based of the outcome from the BOZ-APP, we can propose a unique set of engineering services to the customer as well as industrial production concepts that target the customer’s specific needs and minimises risks.

If you are an existing customer and you are interested in strengthening our cooperation, please send an email to boz@bozgroup.eu.