The FME-CWM Association represents an important part of the technology industry. Together, the 2,400 member companies generate a turnover of almost 60 billion Euros and offer direct employment to 225,000 people. At least 60% of the turnover is generated from exports. This accounts for 12.5% of the total of all Dutch exports. The FME has 105 sector association members.

NEVAT = Netwerk van ambitieuzetoeleveranciers (Network of ambitious suppliers)

NEVAT is a sector association where 250 top suppliers are members. The association has many activities that are connected with three main themes.

ROLE: HC van Opdorp joins the general management of the NEVAT.

GPI = Groep plaatverwerkendeindustrie (Plate Processing Group)

NEVAT’s Sheet Metal Processing Group, with around 50 member companies, is a highly innovative industrial sector. In recent years, a high level of investment have been made in the area of processing machines and tools. This has allowed for further optimisation of both the production and the logistical processes.

ROLE: HWJA van Opdorp is a fellow founder of the GPI, HC van Opdorp is the current chairman.

SS = System Suppliers

Within NEVAT, the System Suppliers group is a platform for suppliers of modules to (OEM) customers within the high-quality industry. System Suppliers are service-oriented business relation leaders with high adaptive skills, focussing on customer intimacy and ‘unburdening’ their customers. Proactive lifecycle managers who possess relevant knowledge in various markets, such as the semi-conductor, medical, multimedia, analysis, energy and industrial automation markets. Markets in which state-of-the-art technology, time-to-market, demand volatility and price-performance ratio are of the utmost importance.

Agriculture & Food Cluster

Cluster currently being set up.

ROLE: HC van Opdorp joins the executive board.

Health & Life Sciences Cluster

Cluster currently being set up.

ROLE: HC van Opdorp joins the executive board.


The industrial estate called Theodorushaven, Noordland, De Poort (TNP) is situated in the north western part of Bergen op Zoom. The TNP industrial estate is an important economic base for the community of Bergen op Zoom as well as for the province West-Brabant. This industrial site houses around 120 companies employing around 5,000 people. The site has a gross surface area of 406 ha (1003 acres). The industrial site is accessible by both road and water.

ROLE: HC van Opdorp takes an active part in the work group ‘Industrial Site Security.’

SVM = Stichting VakopleidingenMetaal West-Brabant (Metalworking Vocational Training Association West-Brabant)

Stichting VakopleidingenMetaal West-Brabant, or VakopleidingMetaal [Metal Work Vocational Training], was founded by the sector during the late 90s and has the purpose of offering quality and practical job on training to support companies in the provinces of West-Brabant and Zeeland in order to offer perspective to young people who want to further develop themselves within this dynamic business sector. VakopleidingMetaal is mainly focussed on retraining and upgrading systems, fully tailored to both employers and employees preferences. See the description at the bottom of this page of how to easily register for a course.

ROLE: HWJA van Opdorp is the founder of the organisation, HC van Opdorp joins the executive board.

BZW = Brabants-ZeeuwseWerkgeversvereniging (Brabantian-Zeelandic Employers’ Association)

The BZW is the most powerful employers’ association in the southern part of the Netherlands as well as being VNO-NCW’s regional network. Together we are committed to subjects that really matter. The largest companies in Brabant and Zeeland are BZW members, but many medium-sized and smaller companies are also members. With it’s 3,000 directors from 1,900 companies, the BZW is a factor of real importance in both the regional and national economies. Our vote counts – and with it those of our members. Thanks to this collective power, the BZW is able, in it’s role as stakeholder, to get many things done and therefore also has achieved many successes. At the same time the association is an inspiring place for meetings and cooperation. Together we obtain the results with which every individual entrepreneur can reap the benefits of.

ROLE: HWJA van Opdorp is a former member of the executive board.

FDP = FederatieMetaalplaat (Sheet Metal Federation)

The FederatieMetaalplaat (FDP) [Sheet Metal Federation] is a chain organisation in the area of sheet metal. The FDP ensures the development, bundling, the spreading and exchange of knowledge between companies from the sheet metal branch, research institutions and schools especially in the area of new materials and new production technology. Supported by the FTP this chain will ultimately be stronger in the national and international competitive environment. Innovation and renewal are core themes.

VOM = VerenigingvoorOppervlaktetechnieken van Materialen (Association for Material Surface Technologies)

The Vereniging voor Oppervlakte technieken van Materialen (VOM) [Association for Material Surface Technologies] is the trade association for whoever is active in the surface treatment industry (contractors, suppliers and integrated companies).

ION = IndustrieelOppervlaktebehandelend Nederland (The Dutch Association for Industrial Surface Treatment)

The surface treatment industry is a powerful and versitile sector, in which, apart from technology, (inter)national laws and regulations play a guiding and often also limiting role. This forces the sector to keep looking out for new possibilities in an innovative way. In this context, the ION association functions as a key figure that brings together different parties, stimulates innovation and participates proactively in the drafting of new legislation and regulations.