Core values

If there is one reaction that has been common from our customers over the last 40 years or so, it is this: “How clean this place is!” Think clean in order to work clean. BOZ thrives on its clean desk, clean operations and clean production mentality. For some customers, and in the case of some products, we require all work to be done wearing gloves to prevent even so much as a single fingerprint to remain on a metal surface. In our opinion clean work is a requirement for compliance to the highest norms in market segments such as medical, agricultural, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Total Care

For the BOZ Group, Total Care means engaging with the customer in regards to more than 50 service levels. After all, there is often a great gap in expectations between 100% technically flawless production and 100% customer satisfaction. Every design has an underlying customer requirement in the area of technical product requirements (shock resistance, perpendicularity, a certain degree of evenness), financial requirements (low supply costs, JIT), supply chain management, packing requirements, electronic revision management, product life cycle management, spare parts management, quality management and energy and environmental management. BOZ Group takes stock of these specific customer requirements and reaches clear agreements with the customer regarding the desired Service Level Agreements.