Code of Conduct

In the course of over 40 years, BOZ Group Ltd. and its operating company Bergen op Zoom Metal Works Ltd. have managed to build a reputation of placing integrity and respect for the interests of all those with whom we have professional relations at the forefront of our business.
It is our goal to be a distinctive and successful company. This is why we invest both in our short-term and our long-term growth. It also means that we treat our customers, employees, suppliers and other business partners as well as the environment with respect.
This code requires the highest behavioural standards of all those connected with our group. The basis of this is formed by seven core values:
1. We abide by the law.
2. We perform our activities with honesty and integrity.
3. We work together on the basis of mutual trust and respect, irrespective of race, religion, gender or culture.
4. We create safe and healthy labour conditions.
5. In no way do we make use, either directly or indirectly, of any form of forced or child labour.
6. We neither give nor receive, either directly or indirectly, any bribes or any other improper benefits with the aim of acquiring any business or for financial gain.
7. We refrain from any activities which could be at odds with our responsibilities towards our company.

Any suspicion of, or concern regarding, the non-compliance with these core values can be reported directly to Mrs Marlies Kersten, our Quality, Working Conditions and Environment Coordinator. Your report will be treated confidentially and treated as our top priority: or tel: +31(0)164-240910.

Sincerely yours,
Corné van Opdorp
Managing director